Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The End of an Era, or Maybe Just a Season!

The Setting:

Saturday morning football, Dillon Park....A goal line stance in the last seconds of the fourth quarter.....(NFL Films music playing)

Safety Nicolas Bolt (#10) charges the line and attacks the runner before he reaches the goal line. Unfortunately, so do about ten other kids on the field....Safety Nicolas Bolt goes in and........breaks his left arm!!!(ouch!!!) He plays the next play because he is as tough as Bob Sanders! Then the game is over and we speed to the ER for xrays..... He broke both bones in his forearm. The season is over for the young sixth grade safety....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to My Midlife Crisis!!!!

I use the excuse that gasoline prices are too high to drive the family truckster to work everyday. It works pretty good, but honestly this thing is just so much fun to drive! I have had my eye on one of these for a couple of years now. I really do get 27 MPGs out of this thing, and it is exceptionally fast.

Isn't she lovely? I have yet to name her....I am thinking Monique. All those years of French class in high school have finally paid off. I guess I should come up with a nice German name for her, but I like Monique....

Everybody has been telling me that I am going through a midlife crisis, but that is ok. I love driving this thing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp 2008

We just returned from our "mini" vacation that included a couple of practices at that Indianapolis Colts Training Camp. We were able to attend a night practice and a morning practice. It was a good time. I captured some decent images, I will post more in the near future. Nicolas was able to get seven autographs on his Super Bowl ball so he was happy with the trip.

The crowds were much smaller this year. We arrived on Aug. 8th for the evening practice and watched the Aug. 9th morning practice. There were very few people at the morning practice. I think that is the way we will do from now on. We will go after Family Day.....

The night practice was good. It was good to watch them do the two minute drill. Here is a photo that I took of Marvin Harrison making a touchdown catch. It is a little soft due to my manual focus...

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Stunning Gift!

I received an absolutely stunning gift in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I am sorry for the late update, but I have been going through my midlife crisis (more on that later). I received the Colts watch from Theresa Menke in the mail last week. Theresa is the wife of Frank, my pal from Cincinnati in what is now the old days. Theresa is also an avid reader of the blog. Two wonderful people that I miss. I even miss Theresa (I can't believe that I put that is writing). When are you going to start the Menke Madness blog?

OK, now here are my suspicions. I figure that one of the Bengals players stole the watch from one of the Colts players or coaches. After all, the Bengals team is full of felons! It then hit the street at a minimal value and Theresa was shrewd enough to pick up the watch from the trunk of someone's car in the parking lot of Paul Brown Stadium. It probably came straight from the locker room to the trunk of the car. I have not yet figured out which locker it came from. That will take several months to track down.

I have several more things to post. I plan on posting about my midlife crisis soon and about our trip last weekend to the Indianapolis Colts Training Camp....

Thanks for the nice watch Theresa, it was a very nice gift! We will try to get some tickets off of StubHub for the December game this year.....