Monday, October 29, 2007

I Sold My First Picture!

I have sold my first picture in the microstock site Dreamstime! This motivates to get out and shoot more. I am getting views but limited sales at this time. Although, I have very few pictures up at Dreamstime and Fotolia. That does make a difference. I plan on trying to get 20-30 pictures online and approved at each site by the end of the year. I also plan to try to get into Shutterstock by the end of the year, as this seems to be the most popular microstock site. That is a pretty hefty goal since I have zero free time! If all is successful, next year I may try my hand at some macrostock sites!

Joey's Birthday!

We celebrated Joey's birthday this past weekend. We had lots of fun! We all went bowling and played games in the arcade at the bowing alley. The kids had a great time. Joey is so into Spiderman. He received a new Spiderman suit with muscles sewn in and all! He looks really good when he does his "moves" in his new Spiderman outfit. I'll post some pictures of him soon in the suit.

The pregnancy is still going well, but Dawn is very exhausted and not feeling well often. She says this is the last one because she doesn't know if she can go through this again. She is very tough, it has taken up to the sixth one to wear her down!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Football Season is Over....

The kid's football season is officially over. We can now have our normal lives back! Jakey's team did very well this year. They listened well, practiced well, and played hard. Nicolas had a good learning year and was trying very hard by the end of the season. I hope that next year is as good as this year. Now I can get back to posting on our blogs more often!

I found this new blog via our webstats, it is very nice. I am linking to this post that is very moving. It is a must read!

We seem to have had a bad bug hit our house. Sammy and Jakey have been ill lately. I hope they start feeling better soon! Mom is taking good care of them.

We will post more soon...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pregnancy Update....

Dawn's pregnancy is going well. We recently went in for an ultrasound and everything is coming along nicely. Dawn decided that she did not want to know the baby's gender, so we did not find that out. She thinks that will give her a better chance of having a girl if she goes into the birth not knowing the baby's gender. At least that is how it happened with Ellie our second child! Here is a picture of number six. Isn't he or she stunning?!! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, work has been very busy...

Go Colts!

What about those Indianapolis Colts?!?!?! What a game! Although there were many injuries to the players, we will find out more at Noon at Tony Dungy's press conference. One of our favorite players, Dallas Clark, had a great game.

There are rumors that I may be at next week's game in a suite. If that works out, I will post some pictures here. Next week we take on the Bucs... Go Colts!