Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Stockphoto Update....

It has been a good month at iStockPhoto for me. I have sold quite a few photographs. The subscription service started on Memorial Day, but it has not affected me at all up to today. I have yet to sell a picture via subscription. I really need to get some more photos uploaded, as I have not done any since the last update. Time to stop making excuses and get to work!

I have not sold any on Dreamstime or Fotolia this month. Although, Fotolia is starting to look more interesting to me because they are also going to offer a subscription service. If you are looking for some microstock photo agencies I would sign up with these three. I plan on putting a spreadsheet together soon to show the downloads from each site....It is on the list of my things to do.

I recently have been shooting and developing some black and white film. I have really caught the photography bug. I also bought used darkroom equipment from an older gentlemen on the North side of Indy. I hope to make a few prints this weekend of some pictures I took of the kids. I have a whole kit of stuff. Too much stuff to mention. The enlarger is a Omega Bessler 22. If any one knows anything about these, drop me a line. I am very excited to try it out this weekend. I may try to scan a few of the negatives I developed and post a few here....I might even upload some to a stock site....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Memorial Day Weekend to Remember!

We had our annual trek to Cincinnati this weekend. We went to Eden Park, the Cincinnati Zoo, the new Ikea store, among other places. Then we went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton on the way home. It was a great weekend. I love going to Cincinnati. I miss living there. As a matter of fact, I found a seven bedroom house in Avondale that we could buy with cash. Take a look, it is here....I could most likely get my old job back at Children's Hospital. Living at that house, I could even ride my bike to work.....But then it hit me, I would have to become a Bengals fan and there is no way I could do that! Go Colts! Although, it would be nice being around the old pals....I'll ponder that a bit.

Here we are at our annual picture taking spot, the Eden Park overlook (you can't see me, I am hanging off the cliff). Ahhhhh the romance that comes to mind when I think about this. Dawn used to pick me up at work and we used to go to this park and eat lunch. That was before kids when we both worked and I was skinnier. There is always a wedding party here at this time of year to get pictures taken in this beautiful park. As a matter of fact, we were walking past the wedding party and one of the bridesmaids yelled to me "Go Colts!". She must have recognized me from this blog as it is getting huge! I am sure it had nothing to do with me wearing a Colts shirt!

I'll post some more pictures of this weekends trip soon. The Air Force Museum was really good. It was so fitting to be there on Memorial Day.

By Request....Here is Maddie!

Maddie is enjoying Ellie's games as you can tell in this picture. She is growing up so fast! She is also very cute!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indianapolis Gets the Super Bowl!

The day that they announced Indianapolis getting the Super Bowl, we happened to get to hear Tony Dungy speak at the Sheriff's Forum here in beautiful Hamilton County, Indiana. The forum was really good, it made me glad to be a resident of this county. I really like the way Sheriff Carter is reaching out to the young people to make the right choices in life. There was an example of an inmate serving 28 years for killing people while driving under the influence of alcohol. It was very moving.

The icing on the cake of the forum was to hear Tony Dungy speak. I think Nicolas had the best time of his life. Here is a picture of him getting Tony's autograph after the forum. Tony had just told him what a nice shirt he had on (Colts Champs shirt). It is amazing how nice this guy is...He stayed and talked to people after the forum when he could have just talked his half hour and scooted out. He actually came back early from Atlanta to do this talk. He had to hear the results of the Super Bowl vote on the plane.

We are more than fired up for the Colts this year! We can't wait for training camp!

Friday, May 9, 2008


I hate the way this picture turned out technically, but I love the shot! Try to ignore the chromatic abberation around his pants.....Just look at his face! I don't think Jakey can try any harder to hit this ball! Baseball and softball are going good so far this season. I will post many more pictures here of the kids playing this year. At the next game I will not shoot with the lens wide open. Hopefully I will limit the ca in the future.