Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Pictures...

As requested, here are some more pictures. I created a Flickr page to host the pictures. Click here to see more pictures of Madelyn and her brothers and sister....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's A Girl!!!!!!

I can't believe it, it is a girl!!!!! Madelyn Kay was born at 4:30pm Wednesday, January 22nd, 2008. She weighed 8.45 lbs and measured 22 inches long. Here is a picture of Dawn holding her soon after she was born.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Baby is Coming!!!!!

Well, so far everything is going well with the pregnancy. We are going in to have the baby. The hospital is supposed to have in room internet access, so I will bring the laptop and have a picture posted as soon as possible. If all goes well, I hope to have a picture up by tomorrow evening.

The kids are excited, I am a nervous wreck! Even though this is number six, I am still very nervous! Dawn is doing well, if she is nervous, she does not show it. Hopefully we will have some good news to post soon!

Friday, January 11, 2008


We are a new Wii household. This thing is awesome! I guess that is why it is so hard to find. I ended up getting two. I was lucky enough to have good timing and a wonderful wife that is good at working the phones.

Wally World put a Wii in their ad last week. We knew that most of these stores were open twenty-four hours, so we wondered when they would put them out on the shelves. Dawn found out that they were going to put them out at 12:01 am on Sunday. I wouldn't dare think of making the 9 month along pregnant lady stand in line for hours to wait, so I took it like a man and went to wally world to fight the teenagers for a shot to buy a Wii.

I left during halftime of the Jacksonville-Pittsburgh game (that is how much fun this Wii is...). Luckily when I got there, there was not much of a crowd. I ended up being in line next to someone that used to work a Cincinnati Children's Hospital the same time I did during the 90's. We did not know each other, but we knew other people that we were able to discuss for a couple of hours while we waited. It was really kind of fun to discuss the old days.

I ended up being number seven in line and they had nineteen Wii's in stock. I paid cash ( the kids even chipped in some money) and walked out without getting mugged. We have been enjoying the Wii since. You guys should see Jakey play this thing, it is hilarious!

I also scored a Wii through Sears.com. I used a free service called NowInStock.net. It is a great site that tracks where the Wii is in stock online. If you are looking for a Wii, I would highly recommend Justin's site. Although Sears had taken a long time to ship it, it is worth the wait.

Contrary to what many of you are thinking, I am not going to scalp my second Wii on Ebay. I am offering it to someone I work with at cost. If that falls through, I may sell it to the highest bidder!

I will post some more pictures of the kids playing the Wii soon.